Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Measurement in Room 5

Over the last several weeks Room 5 have been learning about length and measurement. 

During week 4 we used the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' as a base for this learning.  We learnt how to arrange 8 gingerbread men in order from the smallest to the biggest. We used another gingerbread man to compare heights of things around the room that were bigger and smaller than the gingerbread man.  

On Friday as a special treat we all made a gingerbread man making our very own mixture. We had to use measuring spoons and cups to get the correct amounts for our bowls.

We put the ingredients into our bowls and mixed them all together.

Then came the fun part.  Making our gingerbread men shapes.  We decorated them with currants. They all looked AMAZING!!

The gingerbread men sent us some little messages that we thought were pretty neat.  

We all write stories about our gingerbread men.  Here are a few of our great stories. 

On Friday Room 5 made a gingerbread man 
and I loved it.  When we made it, we had to 
put in in the oven.  Last when we went to lunch,
some gingerbread men made a video.  I felt excited.
By Manaia

On Friday we made a gingerbread man and 
some of the gingerbread men were talking
 in the oven.  I felt excited.  
It is my first time eating a gingerbread man
By Stella

I made a gingerbread man on Friday and I had to shape it.  
It was sticky.  I liked to make my man.  Friday was
the day that we made it.  I took my man home
and I ate his leg!
By Maddison

On Friday we made a gingerbread man with currants and
it tasted good.  I liked it, it was my favourite.  I liked 
mixing the ingredients and I liked mixing the butter
in my bowl.
By Raditya


  1. Excellent work... well done room 5. Looks like fun and they all look really yummy! Jaxon's Mum 😊

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